Harry Potter Giveaway

Harry Potter Giveaway


⚡️Where are my Potterheads at? If Hogwarts is your home, you’re sure to love this magical giveaway!⚡️

🏰 Enter here: https://bit.ly/pottergw 🏰

💫 Subscribe to today’s bestselling Fantasy authors for a chance to win hardcover copies of Harry Potter books 1-7 in a Hogwarts trunk, a wooden 3-d stag with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hogwarts castle pictured, Honeydukes Starbucks decorative cup, Luna Lovegood Funko Pop keychain, flying keysHedwig stuffed owl, Hermione’s beaded bag, a Remus Lupin candle, and Harry Potter chibi stickers.💫

* A note about giveaway items. C.L. Cannon and Fiction-Atlas Press support Transgender rights. All items given away in this promotion are either handmade by independent vendors or have been bought second hand and in new condition from small companies, private sellers, or have been harvested from C.L. Cannon’s own personal collection of merch. *

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