Cloe Runion Writing

Cloe Runion Writing

Writing is an art. It takes time to hone your abilities to become a good writer. It takes tears, dedication and perseverance. Without writers and books, our lives would be a dreary existence – No imagination. No creativity. I, for one, would not like to be a part of that kind of world.

We need to inspire future writers – not just by having them read our books or our stories, we need to teach them how to write creatively. How to think of something in a different way than anyone else has ever before.

Tears are a step in the process. Maybe it’s the news that your book/ story was picked up by a publishing company. Maybe you’re like me and cried when you were offered to write a blog post for a published author.

Or maybe it was when your story got turned down. When you felt like the world was against you. Like you, as Katy Perry said, were a plastic bag in the wind. You felt like you were trudging through quicksand, trying to escape. That you and your story were not special.

But let me tell you something – you are. Every person on this planet has a purpose for being on it. Every person has their own story to share. Writers have more than most, but that is our purpose – to share what we believe or feel to the world.

Dedication is the next step. Days upon days of working on the same manuscript, maybe even years. Sometimes, writers/authors give up because they lack the dedication needed. Sometimes, we just need to get away from it and come up with an improved idea or even a new one.

Along with the whole thing of getting turned down – it takes dedication to keep going with your story, to try as many options to get it published. Or even a critique saying your work was horrible. These are both ways dedication is needed to be a writer. You must be able to deal with problems and fix them. You have to fight for your story, because no one else will share it for you.

And finally, the mythical writer’s block. Writer’s block is a fictional thing – it’s just what we writers like to call fear. It is the doubt of our story – Is the plot good enough? Are the characters good enough? Is the world good enough? Am I good enough to be a writer/ author?

The fact is, you are good enough. Your story is good enough. You just have to have the dedication to persevere through it. So jump over the last hurdle in the race and run through the finish line. Put your work out there so you can become a better writer. So your stories can be developed and gushed upon.

But it must all first start with you – to put yourself out there and write what you feel. That’s the glory of writing – the fact that you might make someone like yourself share what they feel. To inspire without having to worry about what you did wrong. You did right if you motivated someone.

All of this must be done, but first, you have to believe in yourself.

Now, go pick up a pen and write!

~~~By Cloe Runion~~~


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